During the unit of immigration, we have focused mostly on older children attempting to integrate into society. Many of the people that immigrate to the United States undergo traumatic experiences in their home countries such as wars, neglecting leaders, and crime, forcing them to flee their homes despite thier wishes to go to the U.S or not. All the people and children that immigrate into the U.S have different circumstances such as language and education, causing for immediate complications in their lives in the United States. Many children go to school where they cannot understand the language, falling behind in almost all their classes. Many of the students such as Excel, a student at Patterson School in Baltimore, also need to go to work in order to help their families. This causes Excel and other immigrants to be unable to do thier homework. With the combination of all the family situations and the difficulties of school, many of the students also undergo discrimination, racism, and bullying due to their race and religion.
I believe that the school mentioned in the video, I Learn America, is a good example of something we could do in Baltimore to help deplete the amount of bullying that occurs, while also providing the students with teachers that are more prepared for their language and education barriers. With the city of Baltimore looking to grow to an area of mass immigration once again, to improve the economy and tax base of the city, I think we need to make this change in Baltimore schools in order to provide the children with a comfortable education while they juggle the different struggles that they are enduring after the move to the United States.


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