Guantanamo Bay Detainees

Should the Guantanamo Bay jail continue to be used, or should the facility be shut down? Many U.S. Citezens are asking this question after the recent election of Donald Trump into office. Prior to Trump’s election, President Barack Obama was desperately attempting to close the Guantanamo Bay facility due to it’s ways of torture and other tactics, not used in the continental U.S. Coming into office, Barack Obama had approximately 250 people detained in Guantanamo Bay, but now he has dropped that number to 40-45 inmates. Although Obama tried to transfer the inmates and shut down the facility during his time as President, he was unsuccessful because the last group of prisoners were labeled, “too dangerous to release”. Therefore, he left the facility with 40-45 people in it while Donald Trump takes over the Presidency.

Trump has announced that he plans to continue the usage of Guantanamo Bay, and he will, “Load Guantanamo up with a lot of bad dudes”, counteracting previous President Obama’s work to close the facility. Many people against the use of the facility, have started protests against Trump’s ideas on Guantanamo Bay.  Shayana Kadidal, an attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights said, “It’s absolutely disgraceful that cleared detainees, detainees cleared for transfer to countries that never posed any problem or security consideration, are going to be left behind to languish in the prison under President Trump”, explaining her disarray about the detainees that remain in Guantanamo Bay. The protesters also are arguing because of the large amount of detainees that have been placed in the facility under false pretenses, and will continue to live their life in the facility that uses such practices. The plans of Donald Trump seem to have no interest in giving the prisoners a chance, and he will attempt to transfer many more criminals into the facility in the near future.


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