John Lennon and his Role in U.S History

            Recently in my U.S history we have been learning about the Great Society and it’s benefits and let downs. While researching this in history, I also have been given to research John Lennon in my poetry class. John Lennon’s music was extremely influential during the Great Society time period. Lennon was strongly against war in general, especially the Vietnam War and used his music to express and spread his ideas. Artists of all different kinds expressed their dislike of the Vietnam War such as John Lennon, Buffalo Springfield, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, Mystery Trend, and more. In particular two of John Lennon’s protest songs spoke to me, Imagine, and Give Peace a Chance. Both songs aim to make the listener ponder on Lennon’s ideas of why Peace won’t be given a chance and what kind of changes would occur without war. In the song Imagine, Lennon explains that if you imagine a world without separate countries and religions, there would be, “Nothing to kill or die for”(Imagine). Lennon is explaining that it is completely unnecessary for fighting to occur. All we need to is work as a unit and not fret over others differences. Lennon even simplifies it in the second verse to apply to everyday people saying, “Imagine no possessions / no need for greed or hunger”(imagine). Again Lennon is verifying that if everybody was equal and didn’t mind others differences, even on the small scale, it would be a more peaceful world. In Lennon’s song, Give Peace a Chance, he rattles off different names such as, “Ministers, sinisters, banisters and canisters”(Give Peace a Chance), then follows each of that form of verse by saying, “All we are saying is give peace a chance”(Give Peace a Chance). Lennon is describing how all of these terms, stereotypes, cause peace to be more difficult, but it would make the world a more happy place.


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